Blogsat360.com is owned , managed and written by KIRAN SHETH , an avid Internet geek, Enterpreneur and a Blogger.A dreamer to the core. A thinker. A writer. A marketer. A poet. A management guru in the making! A keen observer of business, organizations, leaders, society, economic environment, consumers, and innovation. A confirmed maverick who loves to turn conventional wisdom upside down! I am an optimist, intuitive, inquisitive, social species enjoys unscripted daily life with complete madness and complicated tiny mind filled with crazy thoughts, trying to live through diverse travel experience and renaissance interests, exploring meaning of life- to lead a meaningful one. I had done my MBA from University of Wales , Cardiff , United kingdom in 2007 specializing in International business and International finance. I have been in Financial Markets and Human resource management from last 5 years, and currently doing management and consulting working have taken a plunge into entrepreneurship.

I live my life with an optimistic approach and welcoming whatever it brings for me. A total kid at heart, I believe in living life to the fullest and following the impulse to achieve everything, my heart desires. I have always believed that life is an opportunity which is given once to each one of us, so have always tried to use it in the best way. Though in a different way but it becomes our responsibility to give back what we get from this life by doing small things which can create an enduring impact, of course in positive way. I get idealistic at times, but believe me somewhere inside our hearts we all have a philanthropist who wants to do good for the society


About my Interests :

Just like many of you, I have been always interested in random things like cars, bikes, sports, Travel , Fashion , Health , Fitness , Internet , technology and Gadgets of course. And I love photography too… It is where I let my creative juices flow. Unfortunately, I do not get time for this with whole lot other interests listed above .I spend nearly 14-16 hours a day on my computer, out of which 12 hours is my full time work and rest of the time, it is either writing blog/ reading or spending time with my wonderful family.


About Blogsat360.com :

As visible from my blog, I am passionate I always had a desire of sharing my thoughts and views with people…so thought of creating a platform where I could talk about anything and everything under the sun and share it with the world. Through blogsat360.com I hope to bring the most diverse  opinions on India , World , Business , Money , Finance , Entertainment , Lifestyle , Leisure , Gadgets , Technology , Software, Internet , Cars , Bikes , Men ,  Woman , Fashion , Beauty , Love ,  Sex , Travel , Healthy living ,  Holistic Living , Home & Office Living , Sports , Gambling , Jobs , Careers , Marketing ,  Advertising , Education , Learning , Management , Organisation , Global Events , Expositions , Non Profit And Social Causes.

The quest for knowing more interests me deeply but I am sometimes intrigued by the whole learning process. It’s often that I feel that the process of seeking learning in itself ends up being more rewarding than the learning itself.

A pursuit that starts with the aspiration to assimilate a body of knowledge so often ends up being a journey of knowledge creation where the destination is just a signal to start another journey. Confusing…but that’s how it is for me, I love layering and this fantastic ensemble that we call life.

Now before you switch on to a far more interesting story on the website, let me welcome you whole heartedly to blogsat360.com  which trust me is nothing but an expression straight from the heart. Hope you will Learn , gain knowledge and have fun!!!


My Views & ReViews

Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down
The day ends with a smile yet begins with a frown
Sat here at work very late, a place where I don’t want to be
Yet it pays for the good times, where I can truely be free
The wrinkles get bigger, another hair turns from black into grey
Time flashes by like lightning across the sky
Our lives moving in the blink of an eye
Friends they come and friends they sure go
The good times ae locked in our minds, we just go with the flow
I call out as I need more friends
No longer can I deny it, no more will I pretend
It’s not that I’m lonely or dwelling in the past
Just need some new people, friends that will last
No racists or people who have issues with life
Just easy going people, no trouble or strife
In return what I offer is a friendship thats fun
Everyday will feel like it’s only just begun
Escaping the rat race, live life on the run
If the above little rhyme rings a familiar bell
Send me a mail, I’ll send you one as well
That’s it for now. I’ll sign off and say goodbye
Enjoy your day people, no matter how hard you try.


If you want to know more about me or want to get in touch with me for some other reason either mail me at admin@blogsat360.com or fill in the form below. You can also leave a comment on my blog and I will get back to you…Lots of way to get in touch.

Off-course, Blogging is all about interaction, isnt it ?




Kiran Sheth is founder / chief editor at  blogsat360.com . He had done his MBA from University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom specializing in International Finance and International business. He is currently focusing in Financial Markets and Human resource management from last 5 years, and currently doing management and consulting working have taken a plunge into entrepreneurship. You can follow him on twitter and Face book.